Don't get me wrong, I'm quite possibly the number one proponent of all things Ke$ha, but the chanteuse's (am I using the term too loosely?) latest video for the third single off her Warrior album, "Crazy Kids," is banal at best. Once again set in a residential neighborhood of Los Angeles, Ke$ha makes her way to what is possibly her house, but could be just some rando's she happens to know. As she walks up the stairs to the house, a day party is already in full swing--an event that Ke$ha has let us know she's more than accustomed to after introducing herself on her debut, Animal. The lioness with her lions, echoing the imagery in the "Blow" video

And, speaking of animals, there's no shortage of them in "Crazy Kids," including gleaming eyed lions and sedate pitbulls to flank Ke$ha on either side. In between that, she's showing off cornrows and opening the refrigerator to take out label-free bottles that could just as easily be filled with piss instead of Miller High Life. A cameo by marks the middle of the song as he appears in an astronaut outfit with his face projected onto the helmet. His contribution to the song is easily forgettable, and pales in comparison to his last noteworthy song with Britney Spears, "Scream & Shout." as a cosmonaut

Ke$ha then switches ensembles in favor of a warrioresque bustier as she dances without abandon in front of a group of old men with beards (her favorite aesthetic). With the backdrop of Los Angeles behind her, Ke$ha traipses around the pool as though the town belongs to her. With plenty of party guests (of various ages and shapes) to fill said pool, it seems as though the party may never end, a constant motif in Ke$ha's work.

Beer or piss? You be the judge.

The video is actually far less visually appealing than "Die Young," in which vibrant graphics are interspersed with color and black and white footage as Ke$ha prances about with a gaggle of dancers in a warehouse only to emerge to the presence of a slew of cop cars waiting to arrest her. It also lacks any real narrative, something that was far more present in the video for the second single from Warrior, "C'Mon," in which Ke$ha plays a disgruntled waitress at a diner called Awful House who quits and gets picked up outside by a van full of life-size animals (in keeping with her animals obsession).

A pitbull for a pitbull

While Ke$ha may be known for living--or at least showing--a certain lifestyle, it's beginning to reach the point where simply watching her party in every video has lost its allure. If she really wants to impress her audience next time, there's going to need to be, at the bare minimum, some polyamory.