If Morrissey's infamous quote about Smiths biographer Johnny Rogan ("I hope that he dies in a hotel fire") is any indication of his thoughts on Smiths biographies in general, then guitarist Johnny Marr is in for a barrage of vitriol once plans for his "tell-all" book move forward.

Of course, talking about Morrissey will be unavoidable for Marr as being a member of The Smiths has been the entire backbone of his career (The Cribs and Modest Mouse are both well and good, but no one, not even the most hardened Marr fan cares half as much about that as they do The Smiths), not to mention one of the most notorious musical feuds of the past few decades. When asked about the nature of the book, Marr quipped, "It will be an autobiography...that, or my collection of fascinating bus tickets from the 80s."

Ironically, Marr's plans for an autobiography have come at a time when Morrissey himself is also rumored to be penning his life story. Should all the stars align correctly, Smiths fans can look forward to a publishing bloodbath, rife with some classically bitchy comments from Moz.