Jamiroquai, the funk/soul/jazz/pop/dance/electronic/everything band that broke out into the mainstream world in 1997 with the song (and video) Virtual Insanity, just released their new single, White Knuckle Ride, the first single off of the group's upcoming album Rock Dust Light Star, which is due out on November 10th.

Here's the song:

Obviously, it's the same sort of song Jamiroquai is famous for: an uptempo dance track with funky bass lines and electronic flourishes...and while it isn't as immediately catchy as, say, Little L, Canned Heat, or Feels Just Like it Should, it's still a bombastic new tune.

The band went back to the organic sound with this album, which was recorded at frontman/primary band member Jay Kay's house in England, so this record has a chance to be a whirlwind of greatness.

As someone who saw the Virtual Insanity video every day all the time on MTV in the late 1990s and never stopped paying attention to the group, I'm pumped for the new album. Jamiroquai rocks.

This song is a great taste of things to come, and I hope the album finds a distributor here in the USA, or else I'll be forking over a lot of clams for an import release....but we'll see.

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