In a strange and somewhat random verbal lashing that would lead one to believe it was still 1992, Isabella Rossellini, the go-to actress for bizarre and sadistic roles, recently told Out magazine, "I don't think the [Sex] book worked, even though the photos were extraordinary, and some of them quite memorable. I think [it] was a little bit [...] moralistic, sort of 'I'll teach you how to be free!'--and that bothered the hell out of me." Some of you may remember that this photo essay of graphic erotica was one of Madonna's most incendiary career antics, especially when lumped in as a trio of sexually-geared media releases that also included the album Erotica (her best) and an oft forgotten movie called Body of Evidence.

Along with other celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Vanilla Ice, and Big Daddy Kane, Rossellini agreed to appear in the book. Never known for being a prude about sex, why should she shy away from such an offer? But I guess, evidently, now that she's making insect porn, Rossellini has weirder opinions about sexuality. And, as for the accusation of "moralizing" about sex, I think the photo below proves otherwise.

What is most surprising about Rossellini's sudden desire to distance herself from having appeared in the book is that most people don't recall that she was featured in it in the first place. In fact, I think people mainly associate her only with Blue Velvet or her cameo on Friends.

I would expect this sort of hijinks from Vanilla Ice as an attempt to get his name back in the headlines, but from Rossellini? All I can say is that she better pray she never runs into Madonna at a party honoring Steven Meisel.