One of our favorite albums of 2010 was Fang Island's self-titled debut, and this morning the band finally detailed its follow up, Major, which will be released on July 24th via Sargent House (BtH faves, if you weren't aware).

If they've expanded upon the blissful, guitar-driven harmony that characterized the first album, you're going to be doing a bit more high-fiving once summer fully arrives.

From the band's press release:

Like the painstakingly chiseled marble of the album artwork, Major is hefty, solid, monolithic and regal. Whereas Fang Island described their celebrated 2010 self-titled Sargent House debut as, "everyone high-fiving everyone," Major is evermore confident, triumphant and brimming with infectious enthusiasm. Its warm harmonies are given proper berth with more expansive dynamics and focused pop song craft.

Among the reasons why they named the album Major, and why its album cover looks the way it does:

- Major key (the first song is minor though!) - Valley girl colloquialism - Because we are on an independent label - Because the rank under Sargent (House) is major - It sounds like a constellation - Steely Dan's "Any Major Dude" was in rotation a lot during the sessions - The record is packaged to look like stone because it's ROCK. I really wanted people to hold a piece of rock when they picked up the record."

Get amped with the teaser video below, and stay tuned for more Fang Island goodness in the months to come.

Major track listing:

1. Kindergarten 2. Sisterly 3. Seek it Out 4. Make Me 5. Never Understand 6. Asunder 7. Dooney Rock 8. Regalia 9. Chompers 10. Chime Out 11. Victorinian

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