This Friday, March 11, The Stone Foxes make their return to the Los Angeles area with a show at The Mint. Also on the bill is Old Californio, a band whose folky 2009 record Westering Again made its way onto BtH in the form of a review.

If you have paid much attention to BtH in the past, you've seen articles about The Stone Foxes. The San Francisco-based blues/rock band put on quite a show, to put it mildly. The phrase "they've got talent well beyond their years" might as well have been coined in reference to the Foxes.

Not only masters at their respective instruments, Spence Koehler (guitar), Aaron Mort (guitar, bass), Avi Vinocur (bass, guitar) and Shannon Koehler (drums) also switch off vocal duties on nearly every song, giving each member equal responsibilities.

Their 2010 albums Bears & Bulls was a highlight of the year, a slick, gritty collection of blues-inspired rock that is a cut above the rest. They're scheduled for a slew of events at South By Southwest this year, and booked this LA stop en route to Texas for the big industry festival.

The Foxes are also being followed around this week by the folks from BAMM.TV, who are shooting what would appear to be a mini-documentary about the band. In return, the Foxes are playing BAMM's SXSW showcase on March 18 at the Palm Door.

Their complete SXSW event schedule, in case you're going to be there and want to catch one/all of 'em:

Wed 3/18 - at Lipstick Bar (11:20p)-

Thurs 3/19 - Rusty Spurs (4p) -

Fri 3/20 - Palm Door (5p) -

As for this Friday's gig, Old Californio is a perfect fit alongside the Stone Foxes, bringing more soulful blues and folk rhythms to The Mint stage.

Also on the bill are Whispering Pines and Family Wagon. For all the details, info, and what not, click here to view the event page.

If you haven't been to The Mint or seen The Stone Foxes before, make sure you fix that and check out this show on Friday. You won't regret it.

Head out to The Mint, grab a bite to eat, get some booze, and kick back and watch these SF lads do what they do.

Prior to the gig at The Mint, the Foxes are also doing an in-studio performance at 4 pm Friday afternoon on Indie 103.1 FM, which is now a radio-based station in the LA area. Read more about that here.

I assure you, you won't want to miss out on this show. Check out the music video for Stomp below, as a preview.

See you there!