Haroula Rose is originally from Chicago and currently based in LA. Her debut album These Open Roads, a realized collection of soft, gently picked  acoustic and upbeat Americana numbers was released in 2011. The album was recorded by Andy LeMaster at Chase Park Transduction (Now It's Overhead, Bright Eyes) and also featured Orenda Fink of Azure Ray on guest vocals.

Rose is currently finishing an EP and that will be released in early spring with a second LP coming late 2012. The upcoming albums are being recorded in Athens and Atlanta, GA with Jim White producing.

 Remix mastermind Luke Top, who is the lead singer and bassist in Fool's Gold, also a member of Papercuts, and Foreign Born, recently remixed a track from the album, "Close My Eyes To See," which turns the poignant acoustic song into a dark and mysterious beat-heavy jam with handclaps and synth. Download that song at the link below.

Haroula Rose's full-length includes a cover of Mason Jenning's song Duluth.

 Tour dates and SXSW schedule below. More will be announced soon.

Upcoming Dates

3/6 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Country Outpost 3/8 - Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Bar 3/14 - SXSW @ Quantum Collective presents: Filmmakers Alliance & Music Supervisors Guild Acoustic BBQ @ 1:00pm @ the Section 101 Launchpad (405 East 7th Street) 3/15 - SXSW @ The Continental Club @ 11pm (Performing with Jim White) (1315 South Congress Avenue) 3/16 - SXSW @ Hotel Cafe Official Showcase at Deseo Lounge @ 8:30 (219 Congress Avenue) 3/17 - SXSW @  Flipnotics Unoffical Showcase @ 8pm (1601 Barton Springs Road)

Click here to see the video for Close My Eyes to See


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