Hotel cafe will be taken over October, 11th  by Avi Vinocur's (formerly of The Stone Foxes) newest project. It has been described as "the best Americana music is one that understands its place in history and furthermore understands the framework of the instruments used in the songs. Of any Americana album released this year, never are those three traits so expertly on display than on this masterwork of an album." - Absolute Punk

"Goodnight, Texas takes old timey ways and swirls them with modern touches – romping Levon Helm-esque drums on some tracks, an Elliott Smith worthy ache on others. " - The Dirty Impound
“Goodnight, Texas filter a haunting, folksy mist of raw Americana through a gritty modern aesthetic and emerge with time-stands-still moments like ‘Jesse Got Trapped In A Coal Mine’ (and no, that isn’t a spoiler for an upcoming ‘Breaking Bad’ episode – well, as far as we know anyway).” - BAMM. TV
The band delicately fills the space with the sweetest austral accents, an intentional craft in efficiency that is executed with such proficiency that it is hard to believe this to be their first effort together. Their voices seamlessly join together, forming a rising sound greater than their number.” - Icarus & Occident

For a preview, be sure to watch their video and have a great time at the show!

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