Goldfrapp’s upcoming album, Tales of Us, is set for a September release. The latest track from the British songstress is notable for a number of reasons, chiefly because it bears the name of a man, “Drew,”--and Goldfrapp has never named her songs after men--and is very similar sounding to the first single from 2008’s Seventh Tree, "A&E."Another notable element is that the director of the video, Lisa Gunning, is a famed editor (for films like Seven Psychopaths) recently transitioning into the directing realm. Goldfrapp’s adventurousness and whimsicality in choosing a relative novice is reflected in the video itself, shot in black and white. Ethereal as usual.

Exhibiting a wistful, lustful tone from the outset, a photo album entitled “Tales of Us” is opened and the name Drew is scrawled onto the top of a page, leading into Goldfrapp’s ardent caresses of a man who, presumably, is Drew. The image of his body is, tragically, only Goldfrapp’s hallucination as he disappears into the recesses of her memory. She then ventures out into a garden area where the perfume commercial aesthetic is played up to its fullest. As she meanders into the woods, Drew’s image is conjured yet again. Soon, she’s back inside the house dancing with a rando naked woman. All at once, it seems, there is a trio of naked people—Drew, the woman and another new rando.

Playing into the erotic daydreams that must surely go on at any country estate, Goldfrapp delights in watching them pillow fight as the feathers tumble down the spiraling staircase. By the time she’s done with her bike ride through the country, she’s more than ready to take her top off and join in. Whether this is all real or imagined is difficult to say. But then, much of Goldfrapp’s musical arrangements leave you feeling that way about your current reality.