On October 30th, the debut EP from Peace'd Out will be released. After a few cryptic weeks of Internet speculation as to who these mystery men were - and random USB drives showing up in the hands of various industry types - the beans have been spilled.

Peace'd Out is an experimental new project from Steve Choi of Rx Bandits, Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife & I Am the Avalanche, Casey Deitz of the Velvet Teen and Roger Camero of No Motiv. As you might suggest based on that combination of musicians, their music is eclectic, challenging, and powerful.

Choi's guitars are reminscent of his work with Rx Bandits, and Caruana's hardcore wailing gives the songs a rough edge. Here's White Pyramid, the first song officially released from the group:


Said Choi about the project:

While everything is planned, we had no idea what was happening once we began. A gentle inspiration transformed and became so aggressive in its delivery that what we thought were moments of calm clarity, quickly became frustrated shouting for most of the address. We stand next to our musical architecture, still trying to figure out what we built. What we aim to do for ourselves is the same thing we aim to do for our listeners; To intrigue and awe, to confuse and frustrate, to release and express, to break necks and dizzy the ears. We pound the ground and flail our arms while trying to seem in control. We make our own accidents purposeful. Our musical foundation has Peace'd Out.”

Their EP will be released on October 30th, but you can pre-order it in fancy etched pink vinyl here.

They'll be playing 'select shows' in the fall, so stay tuned for that - I can only imagine how nuts their live show will be.