Coming off of a big year in 2011, Gentlemen Hall is now hitting more smartphones, computer screens, airwaves and television sets than ever before. The Billboard and Boston Music Award winners launched an online demisode campaign last week with Microsoft to promote the new Windows Phone. The clever, three minute "demisode" video features the band on set making a music video for "Gravity Will Break Our Bones." The video quickly took over the charts landing the #1 spot last Friday, January 20 on YouTube's "popular videos around the web," trading the top spot back and forth with Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" video.


In addition, Gentlemen Hall's follow-up single to "Gravity Will Break Our Bones," titled, "All Our Love" was featured in January 17th's episode of the CW hit series, 90210.

Ro Richard, bass player from Gentlemen Hall says about making the music video in their hometown of Boston, MA: "Like all our videos, we use people who are close to us - the crowd in our video is all real hometown fans of ours, and the video was shot in and features shots of downtown Boston. We sent a tweet out asking our fans to come be a part of the experience and got a great response and a great turnout. It was actually the first time on Twitter that Gentlemen Hall was a trending topic."

This is the first video from the band since winning Best Video at the Boston Music Awards last year for their song, " Close to Me"

Capping off the busy week was news from Mediabase - the radio airplay tacking service across the United States - that "Gravity Will Break Our Bones" remains inside the Top-50 nationally and notched its first #1 at The Beach 96.5 - Corpus Christi, TX.
Gentlemen Hall is six individuals with a goal to deliver pop songs wrapped in unique instrumentation. From flutes to vintage synthesizers, they are not your typical lineup. They first crossed paths in the old New England city of Boston, becoming close friends with no intentions to start a group. Despite coming from completely different musical backgrounds, the sextet was drawn to the sounds of common artists and found themselves incorporating the implications of the big pulsing synth sounds of Depeche Mode, the hallucinatory topics and arrangements of the Flaming Lips, and the eclecticism and unique vocal approach of David Bowie.

Their current EP is titled, When we all Disappear, is available now at all hip music locations.

"In one song you'll hear hints of Daft Punk's electric-infused drums and synth hooks, and the next minute your ears catch a guitar riff straight from the indie playbook. It's only going to be a matter of time before you have heard of them." - CMJ

“The Next Big Band.” – ABC NEWS NOW, WHAT’S THE BUZZ

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