You hear that low rumbling sound? That's my feverish anticipation for the upcoming Foo Fighters' album growing larger by the second.

The Foos finished mastering the album today, as evidenced by that TwitPic at the top of this post.

Also today they announced, via the band's official Twitter page, a new contest for aspiring directors. Rather than make one fancy pants big-budget music video for a "first single" from the album, Dave, Taylor, Chris and Nate are going to use eleven different people's input and create music videos for EVERY song from the album. Yep.

That's just so goddamned awesome.

It makes me want to ignore my responsibilities and spam the contest with my "reel", in hopes of being chosen as one of the lucky sonsofbitches.

But alas, that won't happen.

Click here for a 10-second clip of Dave screaming from White Limo, one of the new Butch Vig-produced tunes, and wow does it sound heavy as hell (by Foo standards, of course).

Stay tuned, Foo heads.....

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