After some Twitter teases, super secret club gigs and incredible low-fi music video ambushes (for the killer new tune White Limo), the Foo Fighters finally gave a name to their upcoming album: Wasting Light.

Set for release on April 12, the 11-track album will of course feature songs that the band recently played at club gigs in Santa Barbara, Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley.

The first single, Rope, is also set to drop on March 1.

Dave Grohl has teased today about another potential Foo gig, which may be the last of these club adventures, since he put up the Donna Summer disco anthem Last Dance on the Foos' fancy new radio dial website thing.

Stay tuned for more Foo news, as it seems like they just won't quit with the randomness up until Wasting Light drops in April.

Big ups to Consequence of Sound and Antiquiet for the tip.

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