New music for your week. Join us for a show at Boardners in Hollywood on June 12th. this year I interviewed and met up with the guys of Falling Still. When we talked, they described themselves as an old school grungy rock band. Now they have a little bit of an update on their music and we are back for more.

On the heels of their EP released in February, indie rock band Falling Stlll is set to unleash a triumvirate of rousing garage rock tracks on its mini-EP, Hot Piss, due out June 25th.  Falling Still’s Eric Podnar (vocals / guitar), Brett Hamilton (bass / vocals) and Jeremy Cull (drums) have had an unstoppable flow of creative inspiration culminating in the brand new, self-produced collection comprised of three bold, anthemic tunes.

Falling Still recognizes that the title Hot Piss is a jarring, animalistic and repellent name, but it’s one that the band feels properly reflects the recording. Hamilton explains, "This is a more honest representation of our creative process than anything else we've done. We're just three filthy-mouthed degenerates trying to make something beautiful." Some of that beauty shows itself through the pretty botanical scene depicted in the cover art, signifying that "This EP is a rite of spring for us," Hamilton adds.

Tracks “I’m Pissed,” “Gods of the Echospace” and “Castle Walls” revolve around a central troubled character.  He introduces himself in “I’m Pissed” as a rather deplorable individual and weaves a sad tale from his youth that helped shape his life’s trajectory in “Gods of the Echospace.” In “Castle Walls” the character as an old man near-death warns his younger self about the dangerous depths of a life not well lived.  Despite the dark themes in Hot Piss, each song on the mini-EP soars with uplifting, exhilarating sonic urgency and exuberant thunder.

Podnar says, “We’ve found that the EP format of releasing fewer songs more often helps keep things interesting for both us and our fans. We have so much music we want to make right now, and by regularly putting out new material and tirelessly playing live, we're finally in a position to get it all out there."

For more information on the band, follow them at the links below.

Cheers! See you at the show. ~Ohio

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