Join the boys of LA's Everyday Animals this Friday at Hollywood's Hotel Cafe for an album release party and fantastic music. The band will be showcasing its newest LP Under they Tyranny of Good Weather. For your listening pleasure, Two Minus One (Listen here)

Some bands I just have to root for, I assure you though, they deserve every bit. Not only because they are great musicians, but also because they are some of my favorite people. Hell, we did New Year's Eve together this year (You should see them dance). So when I get a press release of theirs I squeal with glee, I really do.

Joined by Yes' John Anderson for one song on the newest EP, the band has grown as a group and collaborated with other talents over the years since coming from our native Ohio.


"Everyday Animals' latest LP Under the Tyranny of Good Weather finds the band marrying diverse influences and incredible musicianship into their most cohesive collection to date: a sprawling, funky excursion into the mind of lead singer and writer Kevin Shima."

"I write the songs, but we arrange them together as a group," explains Shima. "I am essentially the band’s songwriter and producer, but the band gives critical input to the arrangements, and how we play the songs live. So, it’s half way between a band and a solo project in many ways."

Everyday Animals, rounded out by Adam Darlin (drums), Will Schulz (bass, vocals), Brian Hobart (keys, vocals), also features one very special guest on Under the Tyranny of Good Weather, Mr. Jon Anderson of Yes.

"I began collaborating with Jon Anderson in 2009," says Shima. "I worked on his album Survival and Other Stories and his orchestral piece Open in 2011 and he sang on our song “False Awakening” from the new album." Adds Shima, "Yes is a huge influence on our work ethic and our way of piecing the songs together."

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See you there!