Remember Eve 6? Sure you do.

They're a long time removed from the late 1990s anthem Inside Out, and today they released their new single, Lost & Found. It's an upbeat, catchy pop-rock song, and while Max Collins' voice sounds a bit different now than it did nearly a decade ago (on their last album), it's still classic Eve 6.

It will be included on their upcoming album, Speak in Code, which will be released on April 24th via Fearless Records.

Check out the song below, and then read my thoughts on the band, their reformation, the new record and where they stand in my  personal musical history.

This is the portion of the news post where I put on my nostalgia hat and speak from a fan's perspective. Eve 6's 2000 album Horrorscope, the follow-up to the successful debut that featured Inside Out and Leech, was a bit of a departure from their debut's radio-friendly alterna-rock, at times incorporating synth and generally being a slightly different record. While Horrorscope was great, it didn't really generate as much attention for them as they received in 1998, save for the single Here's to the Night.

Personally, their 2003 album It's All in Your Head ranks up there among my favorite early 2000s releases, alongside Third Eye Blind's criminally under-appreciated Out of the Vein. Both are excellent records from late-1990s era alternative rock outfits that showed progression, enthusiasm, and a willingness to reinvent themselves while not shedding their sense of familiarity. It's All in Your Head, led by solid jams like Think Twice, At Least We're Dreaming, Good Lives (which still pops into my head to this day), Bring the Night On, Girlfriend and Hokis made up the core of a damned good record, but it was mostly ignored by everyone, and they broke up in 2007.

Now that original guitarist Jon Siebels is back in the fray with front man Max Collins and longtime drummer Tony Fagenson, here's hoping that the new record will give them new life and a strong future. It's been nine years since their last record, and I for one am glad to see them give it another go.

One of the first concerts I attended upon moving to L.A. in 2008 was an Eve 6 gig at the Key Club, and it was fun to finally see some songs that had such a nostalgic place in my head performed live. With this new album news in the can, expect to see my review of the new album here on BtH when it's released in April.

Speak in Code track list, courtesy of the band's Facebook page.

1. Curtain 2. Victoria 3. Situation Infatuation 4. B.F.G.F. 5. Lions Den 6. Blood Brothers 7. Lost & Found 8. Moon 9. Downtown 10. Trust Me 11. Everything 12. Pick Up The Pieces