Light Me Up, the debut album from The Pretty Reckless, is available on iTunes now.  The songs, all written by Taylor Momsen and Ben Phillips with their producer Kato Khandwala, run the gamut of emotions, alternating at times between seething rage and a bruised vulnerability. With Momsen’s inky vocals, pummeling riffs, and swaggering attitude, Light Me Up sounds a bit like what might have happened had Led Zeppelin been fronted by “a chick.” The album’s ferocity could raise an eyebrow from those expecting a pretty, blonde teenager to gravitate toward straight-up pop songwriting. “It’s heavier than people might expect from me,” says Momsen, who is best known as the actress who plays Jenny Humphrey on The CW’s Gossip Girl. “But this album is the most honest expression of who I truly am.” 

Catch the band performing songs from the album live on their US tour kicking off this week as well as on Lopez Tonight airing February 10th.

YouTube Video Here:

Light Me Up Track List:

1.  My Medicine 2.  Since You're Gone 3.  Make Me Wanna Die 4.  Light Me Up 5.  Zombie 6. Just Tonight 7.  Miss Nothing 8.  Goin' Down 9.  Nothing Left To Lose 10. You 11.  Factory Girl


Light Me Up on iTunes:

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