Just before Halloween I introduced you to my friend, Danny Elmwood, the bag wearing stalker. (See that article and video here) Now he is back, but he's given up his stalking ways. I give you, Porn on Christmas Eve. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cZ7HDJLrVC0

Keeping his true identity under wraps, or under paperbag, Danny was excited about getting this song out because it is his firm belief, that everyone should watch a little porn on Christmas Eve... really, it brings the family together (or makes it ok to spend your holiday alone. Either way, really)!

With humor and support from KROQ and Funny or Die, I hope to see Danny Elmwood bringing us the funny again soon! Maybe a Valentine's Day song from the stalker? We shall see!

As always, cheers from Ohio!

For more info on Danny, visit Dannyelmwood.com and stalk him.


Happy Holidays everyone!


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