The last time Cut Copy released an album, it was the carefree year of 2011. Fortunately, over the weekend at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, this group of Australian synthpop deities released a limited pressing of their new single, “Let Me Show You How.” Slated to appear on their forthcoming fall album, the single favors a certain vintage, Donna Summerish back beat. 120 pressings of the single were made onsite at the festival, putting the limit back in limited edition. Vinyls of "Let Me Show You" Were pressed at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

The fact that the only available online version is one of said 120 fans playing the track on vinyl is a testament to Cut Copy’s commitment to a certain old school approach to music—one that is actually much appreciated in this day of easy access and not having to work hard to get your music. This way, it forces you to show a little bit more zeal than you typically would. Thanks Cut Copy, for getting our lazy American asses to care about music again.

Listen to the bootleg version here.