I think it may be.

Conan O'Brien, everyone's favorite "banned-from-NBC-cuz-NBC-doesn't-like-quality-television-so-I'll-do-what-I-want-on-my-own-terms-with-a-legion-of-obsessed-fans" comedian, will apparently be releasing TWO ALBUMS on Vinyl. Featuring Jack White. And concerning Frankenstein. And playing rockabilly music.

If this was anyone else it would probably sound like a waste of time, but the fact that it's Conan makes it golden. Jack White is freakishly creatively odd as well, so this has the potential to be the greatest thing ever.

Here's the info from Third Man Records, Jack  White's little indie label that will be releasing the stuff. You can go there and pre-order the 7" vinyl right meow. As the info says there on the pre-order page,

Conan O’Brien’s contribution to Third Man Records’ “Green Series” of Spoken Word/Instructional records. “And They Call Me Mad?” is Conan’s hilarious improvised take on the Frankenstein legend. The B side of the single is an interview with Conan conducted by friend Jack White.

The second release, called "Conan Live at Third Man", contains tracks recorded by Conan and his band, and also features Jack White on a duet. This all sounds like too much funny for anyone to handle.

So, um, yeah, I'll be getting these next week.

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