Hello friends,

We wanted to give you a few words from our friend and guest blogger, Graham Ginsburg is working on his latest night of music, and I wanted to share:

The show at the Lava Lounge is a monthly series of concerts/visual arts performances that caters to helping local artists from the the 818 and 805 garner an audience. Ventura County needs a venue that younger people can go to and experience something other than an 80's cover band at Canyon Club.


Each month has a different style/theme/vibe/aesthetic etc. This month we are doing a kick off summer theme with visual concepts covering 60s-80s surf and garage rock culture, featuring Russ Meyer clips, trippy surf footage and of course, gogo dancers.


The bands performing are Newbury Park bands J. Alfred Prufrock and Buffalo Blackfoot. Ventura/LA based bands Craters and Captions will be performing as well. The vibe is garage/alt/surf rock and all these bands have these elements.

Check out the Facebook event, and if you go, tell us what you think!

Until next time my friends,