The tireless Chino Moreno, known mainly as the Deftones' vocalist, has formed yet ANOTHER band, this time joining forces with Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer & Jeff Caxide, all formerly of post-metal/experimental band Isis.

The band's name is Palms, and they will release their debut album on Ipecac Recordings sometime this year.

Said Harris:

"Clifford, Jeff and I started Palms a little over a year ago out of a desire to continue making music together after ISIS ended," explained Harris.  "Chino joined shortly after and our sound took shape from there.  We've worked really hard on this first release and are excited for people to hear it.  It's nice to be back behind the drum kit, and with this line up."

Chino himself had great things to say about isis, and how the project began:

"Being a huge ISIS fan I've always dug the moods these dudes convey with their sound," added Moreno.   "I am excited to combine my sense of creativity with theirs, and to have fun doing so."

It's not as if things are slow in Moreno's main band - the Deftones are working on a newa lbum for a summer release, and he's been busy with his OTHER side project, ††† (Crosses)(who obliterated the Glasshouse a few months back). The dude's just hungry for more musical projects, and there's no doubt that Palms will be pretty mind-bending.

Stay tuned.

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