Never in the wildest dreams of a Blur fan's imagination could he have envisioned the wondrous return of Britpop's most illustrious quartet after nine years without releasing any new material. Although the band reunited briefly in 2009 to perform in Hyde Park for their devoted legion of fans, that reunion was simply transformed into a documentary rather than another album. After being honored at the Brit Awards on February 21st with the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award, Blur created further music history by performing the longest set the awards ceremony has ever known. Tracks included "Girls & Boys," "Song 2," "Parklife," "Tender," and, one of their lesser appreciated songs, "This Is A Low."

Though it was hinted at last month by William Orbit (who produced one of their best works, 13) that Blur had been working on a new album together, the collective confirmation from Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rountree has answered the prayers of those who have noticed the visible lack since Blur stopped making music together. But no longer do we have to exist in a world of such darkness--the first new track, "Under the Westway," has already been performed live and was received quite well by Blur's audience.

With the legitimacy of a new song already out in the open, it would appear that it's all finally happening for Blur again (and, this time, without Oasis around as their "competition"). And, as if the promise of a new album was not enough, the group has also been confirmed to play the closing ceremony at the Olympics in August, once again returning to Hyde Park for what will undoubtedly be another memorable performance.

And, if nothing else, Blur can at least rest assured that they hold a prominent place in 2012's most memorable music moments for being the catalyst that prompted producers of the Brit Awards to cut Adele's acceptance speech short.