Covering The Strokes is not a new trend in the music world—there was even an entire cover album released by Stereogum in 2011 called Stroked—but rarely do you get to hear a female rapper’s take on garage rock. Appropriately, 21-year-old Azealia Banks opted for the now classic “Barely Legal” off The Strokes’ Is This It? album. Unfortunately it seems the single hasn’t been getting quite as much attention after Banks’ attack on The Stone Roses via Twitter after playing the Future Music Festival with them in Australia. According to Banks,

"My ex tour manager made a pact with The Stone Roses saying they'd sabotage my set because I fired him and they decided to check their equipment behind me during my set."

Afterwards, Banks called the group “saggy white n***as” for ruining her show. Though, in Banks’ defense, The Stone Roses probably haven’t had this much publicity since the early 90s. In any case, below is Banks’ version of the track, proving that, while she may be controversial/prone to Twitter wars, her talent speaks for itself.

Though I’m sure Prince would say the cover is bull shit, it leaves you to wonder: If she can cover this group of white men so well, is a cover of “I Wanna Be Adored” far behind?