British favorites Arctic Monkeys have continued to promote the success of their 2013 album, AM, by releasing yet another single, "Snap Out Of It." Unrelated to the signature quote from Cher in Moonstruck, the song opens with the lyrics, "What's been happening in your world/What have you been up to?/I heard that you fell in love, or near enough/I gotta tell you the truth, I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake you baby." With the video centered around the female perspective on this sentiment, "Snap Out Of It" offers a brief homage to Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as she exits the pool.

Intent on watching whatever it is the Arctic Monkeys are doing--though probably just Alex Turner--the female protagonist of the video attempts to make a steak (read what you will into the "piece of meat" metaphor) as she's surrounded by the audio/visual element of the band. It's not necessarily the strongest video they've come out with (what could compare to "When The Sun Goes Down" or "Fake Tales of San Francisco?), but it's certainly in keeping with their general amazingness.