Blur is a reputable band that arguably created and upheld the genre of Britpop for most of the 1990s. What is more, the band is slated to receive an Outstanding Contribution to Music Award at this year's Brit Awards. With such seeming respectability, why, then, does the band's former bassist, Alex James, feel the need to debase himself by singing the praises of KFC and McDonald's? The answer is, of course, money.

You might ask yourself why someone with the more than modest earnings of Blur would prostrate himself before two of the most foul food corporations. But don't be so harsh. James is in the same boat as his other bandmates, Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree, in that he does not have the luxury of supplementing his income with earnings from Gorillaz albums like Blur's frontman, Damon Albarn.

Thus, I suppose, with his limited budget in mind, James accepted a job writing about food for the U.K. publication Sun. Touring factories and commenting favorably on them is, evidently, part and parcel of James' job description. Still harboring delusions of grandeur, one of the phrases James used to elucidate his time on the KFC grounds was "backstage at KFC in Reading." Also known as: "I'm at a factory watching some animal resembling a chicken being slaughtered." Another scintillating piece of prose included, "My day with McDonald's was absolutely brilliant." It's hard to believe such a phrase could be uttered by the same man who helped put together the seminal 1994 album, Parklife, one of the most satirical looks at modern life--corporate sympathies and all.