311 band 2014 Omaha, Nebraska's own 311 have returned with a new single called Five of Everything. KROQ's Stryker premiered the song on Monday afternoon, and the tune made its way online later in the day.

It's from 311's upcoming album Stereolithic, their eleventh overall and first since 2011's Universal Pulse. The record will be released by the band on their own label, 311 Records, and will be out on 3/11 - to coincide with their big 311 Day concert/party in New Orleans (natch). Their 2010 event was great fun - read up on that here.

Take a listen to the song below:


Straight talk: Five of Everything might be one of the better 311 singles in recent years, especially when pared up against Sunset in July, Hey You and Don't Tread on Me (the lead singles for their past three albums). From Tim Mahoney's Soundsystem/From Chaos-tuned guitar riffs (which sound as crunchy as ever) to the song's bridge (a standout moment), the song presents a lot of promise for Stereolithic, which will feature 14 other new songs.

Additionally, the band worked with producer/sound engineer Scotch Ralston this time around. Ralston was on-hand to produce 1997's Transistor and 1999's Soundsystem, arguably two of the band's most beloved albums (at least as far as the fans are concerned).

311 stereolithic artThat also lends itself to some serious anticipation that Stereolithic might end up being one of their strongest outings of the past decade or so.

We'll see in a month!

Stereolithic track listing:

1.) Ebb and Flow 2.) Five of Everything 3.) Showdown 4.) Revelation of the Year 5.) Sand Dollars 6.) Boom Shanka 7.) Make it Rough 8.) The Great Divide 9.) Friday Afternoon 10.) Simple Truth 11.) First Dimension 12.) Made in the Shade 13.) Existential Hero 14.) The Call 15.) Tranquility

In the meantime, fans can pre-order the album from 311's new Pledge Music campaign - click here to pre-order your copy in a variety of formats and be rewarded with a free mp3 download of Five of Everything, behind-the-scenes videos, photos, and more.


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