This year's Weenie Roast included Coldplay, Incubus, The Dirty Heads, Garbage, and many many more great performers. (Full line up below) I was disappointed to miss the first set by fellow Ohioans Walk the Moon. I heard their set, and Anna Sun was just like I had hoped it would be! Sadly I was still making my way to the stages and didn't manage to shoot their set, but their upcoming shows in LA will be a must attend. In full music fest form, after seeing Grouplove and Awolnation, I was one of many to witness the standing ovation received by one brave girl who decided to poo in the bushes. It was about 3 in the afternoon so I like to think that she wasn't already really that obliterated, but in keeping with KROQ's shows, she probably was. Seriously though, claps and shouts from hundreds making their way from stage dos to uno. Brave intro to her new friends. She got a stern taking to from some security guards who let her go on her way to the next stage... I wish they had offered her some purelle, but they did not. Anyway, bush pooing aside, the show must go on! Next was Garbage on Uno (It was the Weenie Roast y Fiesta for Cinco De Mayo)

I think every band of the night gave a well deserved shout-out to The Beastie Boys who lost MCA only a day before. Garbage's tribute was the most emotional and heartflet and was also for "anyone who has lost someone they loved." They had apparently lost a friend tragically in Brazil and commemorated both loses with Blood for Poppies. Angels and Airwaves had a moment of remembrance in true rock style, no moments of silence here. A hard drum beat gave the audience their time to reflect on rock's recent loss.

The Dirty Heads, all in Beastie Boys shirts thanked the band and MCA for paving the way for bands like them.

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With the line up already fantastic we were surprised to have Soundgarden come out to play a full set later in the evening. The surprise set was well received with the audience singing along and on their feet from beginning to end.

Incubus and Coldplay were by far my favorites of the night. I had not seen Incubus live since the 2010 Smokeout with our very own Flak. Last night was sans Flak, but he missed out on georgeous Incubus set. The music was as usual amazing. I have a few favorite songs from their newest album and happily they played their beautiful In the Company of Wolves. The song at over 7 minutes long and filled with instrumental solos, was amazing to hear live and I was lucky to be able to watch just side of the stage after leaving the photo pit. If you get the chance to see the guys of Incubus on their upcoming Honda Tour, go, you will not regret it!

Coldplay came out and thanked everyone for staying for their set. Front-man Chris Martin pointed to a man in the crowd wearing shirt from an old Offspring tour and thanked him personally for staying to hear them play. A small gesture, sure, but a good way to kick off a set with pyrotechnics, giant confetti guns and plenty of big beach balls (I got slammed in the face, but I still got the shot! kudos to me...) Hearing Yellow and Viva La Vida live admittedly made me smile like an idiot for about an hour.


With an evening of emotional ups and downs over loss to the industry and beautiful performances, I was happy to be able to share it with my fellow photographers and audience members. Thanks Kroq for again hosting a great day of music.

Full line of of the day:



The Offspring

Soundgarden (surprise appearance)

Silversun Pickups


Angels & Airwaves

The Dirty Heads




Of Monsters and Men

Walk the Moon


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Cheers everyone! I will soon be headed to Ohio to see everyone at Rock on the Range, so if you're reading this from back east, let us know!

See you at the show,