The Breakfast Club may have come out in the not so distant past (1985), but already the dialogue among the unlikely detention grouping of Bender (Judd Nelson), Brian (Anthony Michael Hall), Claire (Molly Ringwald), Andrew (Emilio Estevez) and Allison (Ally Sheedy) sounds like a foreign language that requires some minor decoding. Neither do we.

"You're a neo maxi zoom dweebie." Translation: "You're an intelligent person. Too intelligent to be cool."

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"It's this whole monster deal. It's endless. It's a drag." Translation: "My life is really complicated."

"Who has to go to the lavatory?" Translation: "Bathroom break?"

"If we weren't here, I'd waste you." Translation: "This location is preventing me from kicking the shit out of you."

"You guys think I'm some untouchable, serf, peon..." Translation: "I'm a high school janitor."

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"Watch what you say. Brian here is a cherry." Translation: "Brian has never before stuck his penis into a vagina."

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"Is it going to be a white wedding?" Translation: "Are you a virgin?" or, alternately, "Do you like Billy Idol?"

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"He nailed me." Translation: "I got fucked."

"It's not like I'm a defective or anything." Translation: "I'm not a total failure."

 "Only burners like you get high." Translation: "Only stoners smoke weed. Not any other self-respecting human being."

"If I lose my temper you're totaled, man." Translation: "I will kill you if you irritate me again."

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"Do you slip her the hot beef injection?" Translation: "Are you boning her?"

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"You richies are so smart." Translation: "Wealthy people sure seem to know what they're talking about."

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"You load up. You party." Translation: "You smoke weed."

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"You keep eatin' your hand, you won't be hungry for lunch." Translation: "Stop biting your nails."

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 "You're not gonna blaze up in here." Translation: "I can't watch you get high without wanting to myself."

"Ahab, can I have all my doobage." Translation: "Since we're in high school, I'm going to both make a reference to Moby Dick and ask that you return all the pot I entrusted you with."

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John Hughes may have been the voice of a generation, but he also managed to write an entirely separate dialect from the world of language and slang we know today. Who knows? In another twenty years, the vernacular of the 1980s could be dubbed some new form of Latin.