If you can't watch A Christmas Story on a loop for another year in a row, here are some much better fallback choices. Ebony.

A Diva's Christmas Carol-I'm sorry, Vanessa Williams as Ebony Scrooge. How can this not be more valued?

"Shabbat shalom muthafuckas!"

The Hebrew Hammer-It's hard to understand why this 2003 Comedy Central flick didn't catch on. Is it the inherent anti-Semitic nature of America or is Adam Goldberg just not leading man material?

One in a series of many awkward moments in The Family Stone.

The Family Stone-In spite of the star-studded cast, it seems that people rarely revisit this 2005 holiday gem about a dysfunctional family and their reaction to Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker), their son Everett's (Dermot Mulroney) new girlfriend.

The rag tag cast of Mixed Nuts included Steve Martin, Madeleine Kahn, Juliette Lewis and Adam Sandler

Mixed Nuts-What could be realer (and more comical) than a plot centered around a suicide prevention hotline in L.A. during Christmas?

The not so thought-provoking tag line for The Family Man

The Family Man-Blending elements of A Christmas Carol and Wall Street, Nicolas Cage had a weird era where his movies (like Lord of War and The Weather Man) went largely unnoticed. This film was among said era. I guess all it took was National Treasure for the man to get some appreciation.

Best. Santa, Ever.

Bad Santa-It gets vaguely preachy about consumerism for a split second at the end, but Bad Santa is arguably the most honest, unapologetic anti-Christmas movie (thanks in part to direction from Terry Zwigoff) ever made.


This Christmas-Chris Brown in a Christmas movie. Oh the nonsensical nature of it. How could this film (and the accompanying cheesy song of the same name) be so under appreciated?

Promotional poster for Just Friends

Just Friends-Ana Faris as an annoying pop star and Ryan Reynolds as a former fat kid/Boys II Men fan are just some of the cherry moments that make Just Friends a worthy holiday movie.

Driving in inclement weather.

The Sure Thing-The "sure thing" in question, of course, is Nicolette Sheridan. As one of Rob Reiner's earlier movies, The Sure Thing is perhaps often overlooked as a Christmas movie because people view it as 1) A coming of age story and 2) A road trip movie.

Ice skating: Just one of the many unabashedly romantic elements of an NY Christmas

Serendipity-What is it with John Cusack and the holidays? In addition to showcasing how delicious Serendipity desserts are, this is also a must-view film for getting all maudlin about how magical New York is at Christmastime.