Even with the stern bashing of this film, by Mojammad, in his cleverly title article, Terminator: Bastardization, I decided to catch Terminator Salvation. Technically, the film is the fourth in the Terminator series, but as Mojammad pointed out, with no Arnold or Cameron, it doesn't really deserve to be considered part of the series. Do I think Christian Bale did a poor job? No, not really; he normally hovers around good to very good on my mental acting scale, and he did not disappoint in this. If you can put aside the obvious raping of the Terminator franchise, then read on.

Terminator Salvation Movie Poster

The story (in a nutshell) is pretty basic, but to really explain it would give away too much story, which I don't plan on doing. The nutshell version is that we are in the year 2018, where the human race is fighting genocide from man-made machines (Terminators). One of the leaders of the human resistance, John Connor (Bale), fights to keep hope alive. Connor's personal agenda is to keep Kyle Reese (played by Anton Yelchin...who was much much better in Star Trek, by the way) alive, who he believes to be his father from tape recordings he has from his deceased mother. During the fight to save the human race, and Kyle Reese, Connor runs into Marcus Wright (played by Sam Worthington). All we know about Marcus is that in 2003 he was executed for a triple murder, but 15 years later he is walking around healthy, not appearing to have aged one day.

John Connor Moments away from Kissing Marcus Wright

Now that all that garbage is out of the way...

With 27 explosions that I counted, the film boasts a nice 1:4.8 explosion ratio (one explosion every 4 minutes and 48 seconds). There was literally shit blowing up left, right and center. Terminators get destroyed, humans get killed, and there is havoc all over the place. The action scenes are really well filmed, and I particularly liked the camera work while watching Bale man a helicopter. This film will make you feel like you are on a roller coaster because it is just one giant, long shot of adrenaline. They put a lot of highly suspect technical explanations to things, which I just shrug off as movie magic.

John Connor Searching for a Taco Bell

Terminator Salvation will probably appeal to a younger (male) audience, and maybe to some chicks considering it was a heavily male cast, and they were all generally what would be considered "hot". Keep in mind it is PG-13, so you don't see any of the good stuff, but there's lots of mayhem to keep your preoccupied. I suspect they will recoup their 200 million dollar budget, but they are definitely not winning any awards. All in all, it was a decent film - you will probably come for the name, and stay for the explosions.

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