The new Terminator movie is coming out this week. As a self proclaimed avid Terminator fan you would think this type of news would make me happy, right? No, I feel nothing but remorse and hate for McG and Christian Bale for even entertaining the notion that Terminator Salvation could even be called a 'Terminator' film. I feel betrayed. I feel as if one of my best friends has been killed. I feel like my childhood pet has been shot in the stomach right in front of my eyes and I have my hands over the wound trying to hold the blood in and I'm screaming "hold on boy, you can make it!". But he's dead, and he died a long, long time ago. What pisses me off most about this movie is that it actually has the audacity to call itself a Terminator film. Aside from the name John Conner and the T-101 skeletal model, what about Salvation even reminds anyone of Terminator? Is it the speeder bikes? Is it the giant transforming robot? Is it the excessive use of CGI? The studio could have just called this movie Transformers Salvation, because that's what it seems like to me, Transformers.

Now THAT is a Terminator.

There are so many reasons to hate this movie, but I have narrowed the list down to three very basic, very obvious issues.

1) No Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yes, he's old. Yes, he's fat now. Yes, he's the governor of California. But you know what? He's still the fucking Terminator. Would I watch Die Hard with out Bruce Willis? Would 24 be 24 without Kiefer Sutherland? If Bob Hoskins wasn’t in the recently rumored Who framed Roger Rabbit sequel would you seriously still want to watch it? It might be petty to not want to watch Terminator Salvation simply because Schwarzenegger isn’t in it, but it’s the little things in life that matter most.

2) No James Cameron

They already tried to make a Terminator with out James Cameron. Twice if you count the retarded TV show. It obviously can’t be done. But before I go on bashing Rise of the Machines I have to mention that I found T3 rather entertaining. But while it did feature some fantastic action sequences, on the whole it did sucked. James Cameron’s vision of Terminator was a very dark and foreboding one. It featured some (at the time) very deep philosophies on destiny, fate, and our over reliance on technology. Along with the fan-fucking-tastic action sequences, Terminator 1 & 2 also had a very intelligent and engaging story line. Brains and brawn, the movie had it all. Salvation looks as if it was ripped straight from a comic book, trying too hard to litter the screen with robots instead of focusing on making one really great one.

3) PG-13!!!!!!

Fuck that shit. That is unforgivable. I'll admit I was planning on seeing this movie even with the absence of Arnold and James. But this was the real kicker, this was the final straw. How on earth can a movie about armed robots exterminating humans be rated PG-13? The previous Terminators were full of explosions, carnage, guns, blood, guts, stabbings, shootings, maimings, and impalings. So what are we going to get in Terminator Salvation? I'll tell you what we're going to get; shaky-cam, CGI, quick-cuts, and annoying extreme close-up. All of the stuff I hate about modern film.

In conclusion, fuck this shit, this isn't Terminator, I refuse to watch.