Ever wonder what it'd feel like to be all alone, in a space station, on the Moon? Me too! Luckily for you and I, we don't have to wonder anymore, because director Duncan Jones shows us the light. Unfortunately, it's not that glamorous, and as anticipated, will make you go bat shit insane. And it seems like even saying, "Bang, zoom, straight to the moon!" will get old after awhile. Moon takes place sometime in the future, where Astronaut Sam Bell (played by Sam Rockwell) is sent to harvest the Moon, to send back deposits to Earth for energy. Lunar Industries hires Sam on a three year contract, to live in the space station located on the Moon. His only companion being a really sophisticated on-board robot, GERTY (voice by Kevin Spacey), which tends to his every need. And, of course, the live communication with Earth is "down", so the only way Sam can communicate with Earth (namely his wife, Tess) is through recorded video messages.

Sam Bell with his Lovely Co-Star, GERTY

Near the end of his three year contract, there's some blah blah reason for Sam to go manually work on a problem, so he heads over in his Moon buggy, but experiences a pretty bad accident that knocks him out cold. Oddly in the next scene, with no explanation, we see GERTY tending to Sam, back in the space station. Sam is clearly dazed and confused, but has no injuries from his accident. How curious! Sam overhears an interesting conversation between GERTY and the heads at Lunar Industries, but how could this be? Wasn't the live communication feed down? If you think that's odd, get a load of this - the Sam we grew to love, is not the same Sam that showed no injuries back at the station...it was a clone. That's right - a clone!

Moon is really tough to watch at times. I'm not ADD or anything, but having the vast majority of the dialogue being between Sam Rockwell, and the voice of Kevin Spacey, or Rockwell and a clone of himself, was just tough to deal with. Don't get me wrong, Rockwell did a great job, all things considered, but this film is definitely not for your average moviegoer. Heh, it was pretty soothing hearing Kevin Spacey was a robot though; if I ever got a personal robot, I always thought the voice would be of some hot chick, but I'd definitely go with Spacey's voice now.

Moon Movie Poster

The two main themes of the film were evil big business (a common theme nowadays), and cloning, but only cloning was discussed in any length. Lunar Industries really fucked over this guy, and yet there wasn't one scene - not even one sentence - of "how could they do this to me?" or any resentment out of Sam. That part I never understood. Another thing that kind of took me out of the movie, was how absolutely fake the Moon scenes looked. I understand we're not going to be filming on the surface of the Moon, but come on...it's 2009, we should be able to do better.

If you're a Sci-Fi fan, you'll probably enjoy the film. It's really slow paced, and even the intense sequences are really not all that intense. Decent date movie, even if you're not too into it, 'cause there's lots of downtime where you can neck, etc.

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