For many, Renee Zellweger couldn't be a more obvious match for portraying the likeness of Amy Winehouse. Zellweger's love of fluctuating weight makes her the ideal actress for shedding the twenty plus pounds it will take to emulate the medicated waif look Winehouse has perfected. 

Yes, she loves to play the "fat" girl, but does Renee have the gall to be as thin as Winehouse?

Previous whisperings of Zellweger's bid to play Janis Joplin seem a distant memory. It is now plain to see that Zellweger is content to play any one of the renowned hot mess female vocalists that come and go as quickly as the moon shifts cycles.


Asked to comment on Winehouse's music, Zellweger replied, "Her songs are really metaphorical." They're not actually. If Winehouse is anything, it's straightforward. Broad statements aside, what really drew Zellweger to the project was news that writer-director Judd Apatow was attached to the project.

Despite Apatow's illustriousness in the comedic genre, the president of Columbia Pictures, Doug Belgrad, whose studio also backed Apatow's runaway success, Superbad, has nothing but faith in the Hollywood golden boy's abilities in the action adventure geared biopic. 

This man has the money and the contacts to make the film plausible

When an E! News reporter questioned Apatow about how he planned to give Winehouse's life an action adventure slant, he said:

Drugs, infidelity, prison, Glasgow. What else do I have to say?

Winehouse herself has refused to make a statement, but what's left of her legal team is more than likely battling this project with the same zeal Winehouse has for anything psychotropic. In the meantime, the film's casting director is leaning toward signing Steve Zahn for the role of Blake Fielder-Civil, Winehouse's malignant tumor of an ex-husband. 


The rights to Winehouse's music have yet to be obtained. Apatow shrugged off the plight, noting, "We can just have Renee sing Amy's cover of that Sam Cooke song 'Cupid.' It will expose her fans to some of her other material." One of the producers of the movie, who was asked not to be named, affirmed, "I think we've got an Oscar nom in the making." The working title at the moment is The Wondrous World of Wino and is likely to be released in time for the holiday season.