We all know the classic Christmas movies: Home Alone, It's A Wonderful Life, etc. But what about the ones that are less classifiable? Below is a list of films with memorable Christmas scenes or moments that take place during the holidays that iterate Christmas is everyone's favorite/least favorite time in America. Maybe it's the consumerism, maybe it's the time off--who knows? The Christmas sweater that allured Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones’ Diary-What could be more memorable than Mr. Darcy's (because Colin Firth is always a Mr. Darcy) hideous holiday sweater that first catches Bridget's eye?

There's no worse time to feel like ass over losing Julia Roberts than winter

Notting Hill-The famed rom com has some wintry scenes, mainly one in which the seasons transition as "Ain't No Sunshine" plays in the background.


Mean Girls-"Jingle Bell Rock" will never be as fetch again.

Friends and lovers choose Christmas trees together.

When Harry Met Sally-Because you always realize you want to be with your best friend during the holidays.

Let the snow in

A Little Princess-The evil headmistress, Miss Minchin (Eleanor Bron), serves as the perfect foil for the Grinch when she relegates Sara (Liesel Matthews) to the attic during the cold winter in this early film from Alfonso Cuaron.

Scenes from the Less Than Zero Christmas party

Less Than Zero-Christmas break in 80s LA = Coke, misery and James Spader.

Reunited in Paris in the snowfall.

Something’s Gotta Give-Because, if The Holiday proves anything, it's that Nancy Meyers has a soft spot for the holiday season.

Cold weather garb.


Basking in Edward's ice sculpture debris.

Edward Scissorhands-Those ice sculptures aren't going to cut themselves.

Xmas tree backlighting.

While You Were Sleeping-It's so much easier to take advantage of someone's amnesia when it's December.

Kidman amid Xmas decor.

Eyes Wide Shut-There's no better time of year for some erotic thrills than Xmas.

Santa outfit realness.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-Again, Christmastime in LA proves rife with sinister occurrences--and Robert Downey Jr.

Living large on a Christmas song.

About A Boy-Will Freeman (Hugh Grant) shows us that making royalties off of a Christmas song is one of the few foolproof ways to stay posh in England.

Patrick prefers a different kind of Christmas red.

American Psycho-Bateman (Christian Bale) pries himself away from his killing spree to make a cameo at Evelyn's (Reese Witherspoon) Christmas party.


Bad Teacher-You would think the title Bad Teacher would be some sort of play on Bad Santa, but, unfortunately, this film starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel only has a few Xmas-related scenes during the holiday break.

Lane Myer (Cusack) loses his girlfriend just in time for Christmas.

Better Off Dead-Christmas in an obscure ski town is ideal for learning the "international language of love."

Gillian (Kimi Novak) brings her witchy vibe to Xmas.

Bell, Book and Candle-Kim Novak brings witchcraft and sex appeal to Christmas at the beginning of this kitschy 60s movie.

One word.

Citizen Kane-It all comes down to that sled Kane was given for Christmas, prompting what would ultimately be his last word.

Popeye Doyle (Hackman) incognito

The French Connection-Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) shows himself to be a devoted stakeout cop by dressing in a Santa costume at the beginning of the film.

Dressed in Groucho Marx attire for an Xmas party.

Everyone Says I Love You-Woody Allen and Golide Hawn in a Groucho Marx costume at a Parisian Christmas fete. Enough said.

Another Santa-clad drug dealer.

Go-The old familiar plot: Drug dealing, Christmas, Los Angeles.

Promotional poster for L’ultimo Treno della Notte

L’ultimo Treno della Notte-Perhaps the most obscure on the list, this movie is the least “Christmas-spirited” in spite of taking place during the holiday. Among some of the accelerating plot points are rape, murder and suicide.