Welcome back. As promised, I've got another installment of my guilty pleasures column. My last one, was actually BTH's inaugural post and can be found here. Well, guilty pleasure #2 is Can't Hardly Wait, a movie I've had a hard on for since '98. An example of said hard on can be found in my review for Role Models.

Let me just say how off the wall fucken giddy I am about the recently released Blu-Ray version (also available on regular DVD for all you late bloomers, but not on VHS for all you pond scum) of this film.

The Blu-Ray Version

As long I've had my hard on for Can't Hardly Wait is also just as long as I've been waiting for a proper DVD (preBlu-Ray) release of it.

Proper I say? Proper say I! Yes, a proper DVD release. It's true, there's been a version of Can't Hardly Wait available for 10 years. But that version was bullshit. While I hear it contained a pretty nice commentary track (which they kept for the Blu-Ray version), and yes, I am just the kind of douche that listens to those, so while it had that commentary track, there was nary a deleted scene to be found.

And that my dear readers is criminal. After having caught it on opening night in theaters, I went home and IMDB'd it. I might have also Google'd it, but back in those days "Google" was not yet a verb, so chances are I probably just Yahoo'd it. At any rate, turns out, this here flick had a ton of scenes cut out of it to maintain a PG-13 rating. A ton of scenes with whole other, additional characters and sub sub sub sub sub plotlines. Being just that kind of douche (see above) you know I had to feast my eyes on these scenes.

So the original DVD release rolls around a few months after the theatrical run, and sure enough, no motherfucken deleted scenes! Ain't that a bitch?! Well, guess what - I never bought that fucker.

There are few things I loathe as wholeheartedly as the idea of the "double dip." You read that right, I loathe the very idea of the double dip, imagine how I feel about the double dip itself. A studio puts out a DVD, and you know, they've already got all the materials they might need to make it a special affair, and while some studios do just that (Criterion where you at?!), a shit-ton of them don't. Most recently I got burned on the Casino Royale Blu-Ray that got re-released as a 2-disc Special Edition, but that's not the version I own. The version I own is the single disc regular Blu-Ray version.

And look, I'm not talking about I owned the DVD version and now it's been released on Blu-Ray. Whatever, I get that, technology evolves and gets better, and Blu-Ray is one of the results. What I'm takling about is making several versions of the same movie on the same format, and effectively pissing off all the diehard fans that bought the first, (usually) lesser version.

But I digress.

As you may have noticed in the photo above, this newest version of Can't Hardly Wait is the "10 Year Reunion Edition", and yep, you guessed it, we finally got ourselves some motherfucken deleted scenes!

I've ordered it, but have not yet received it, and I can't hardly wait (see what I did there?) to get my grubby paws on it, but you can bet your sweet ass that just the simple knowledge that it's out there waiting for me, warms the lump of coal in my chest. All that despite Adam Tyner saying the following about my Holy Grail deleted scenes in his review of this 10 Year Reunion Edition on Blu-Ray @ DVDTalk.com (great site, give it a read):

Conclusion: Can't Hardly Wait ranks up there with 10 Things I Hate About You as my favorite of that wave of teen flicks from ten long years ago, and it's still a lot of fun a full decade later. While it's a drag that Sony wouldn't pony up to piece the original cut of the movie back together, and even the deleted scenes barely touch on what was gutted out to score a PG-13 rating, the spiffed-up presentation and new high-def extras make this Blu-ray disc worth picking up for fans of the flick. Recommended.

And I am without question a fan of the flick. Can't Hardly Wait is a straight up gem (a term of endearment that gets tossed around far too easily nowadays, just not by me).

As for the movie itself...

It's a high school movie filled with all the archetypes pioneered by John Hughes a decade and a half earlier in movies like The Breakfast Club. There is:

Our protagonist, the lovelorn poet/romantic/shy-guy Preston Meyer's played by Ethan Embry.

The one he desires, the cheerleader/popular girl Amanda Beckett portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Her very recently former boyfriend, the jock/popular guy/ladies man Mike Dexter essayed by Peter Facinelli.

There's Preston's best friend, the anti-social cerebral misfit Denise Fleming depicted by Lauren Ambrose.

Her one-time best friend, the poser/horndog/kid just trying too hard Kenny "Special K" Fisher brought to life by Seth Green

And finally, the geek/nerd/brain/intellectual/genius William Lichter represented by Charlie Korsmo.

These characters could have easily turned into stereotypes, or caricatures if not for the excellent though underrated performances by the cast.

The number of supporting or merely bit players in this film that have gone on to bigger and better is quite impressive, and speaks towards the quality found on-screen.

Quick summary, quick because, you should just go out and watch this, preferably after having bought it:

It's graduation day, and Preston is in love with Amanda. There's a huge party tonight and this will be his last chance to tell her. His mission is to let her know how he feels.

Amanda just got dumped by her boyfriend Mike. Now that she's available she keeps getting hit on. The problem is that nobody really knows her.

Mike dumped Amanda because he didn't want to go into college, a place notorious for teeming with trim, with a girlfriend. You don't bring sand to the beach, am I right? But did he make the right decision?

Special K is partially of the same mindset as Mike. In the sense that he knows college is filled to the brim with bitches that are Down To Fuck, however he's nervous about disappointing all the coeds as he's never actually made with the sex. His goal at the party is to, yep you guessed it, his goal is to straight fuck!

Denise was dragged along to the party by Preston. She doesn't fit in, she doesn't know anyone there, she's uncomfortable, and she hates being there, but Preston is her ride and he's not leaving 'til his mission is complete.

William has been bullied and tortured by Mike for his entire high school career. Tonight, vengeance will be his as he's cooked up a brilliant scheme on how to get even (but not in a trench coat mafia type way).

It's the sweet little flick that could and you need to fucken watch it!

My one major gripe is that while Charlie Korsmo's name is listed on the box with all the others, they reused the same cover art from the original (10 year old) release, but they cropped it in such a way as to completely cut Charlie out of the fucken thing! Have a look:

The Original Release = 6 faces

Look, there he is, right there, with Facinelli's hand in his face. What a fucken load of bullshit and ironically (see picture above) a total slap in the face to Korsmo who is as much a part of what makes this film great, as any of the others.

Anyway, that's my not at all humble opinion, and as always IYDTYCEAD (if you disagree then you can eat a dick)!

- Lenny