What's the most important aspect of a movie? A deceptively simple question to which there are so many answers. The plot, the characters, the climax, the action, the plot twist, the editing, the lighting, the acting, the music, and the list goes on. Is there a right answer? Probably not. But personally, I think the most important part of a movie is the very beginning, the opening scene. Why do I think the opening scene is so important? Simply because it's the first thing you see, it's your first impression of the movie. And anyone who has been to a job interview knows, the first impression is the most important. I want to tell you all about movies I believe have the greatest opening scenes of all time.

The Dark Knight What can I say about The Dark Knight that hasn't already been said a thousand times before? It's a great movie, with a great opening scene. I'm of course talking about the bank heist. There are so many different aspects that make this scene great. For one thing it has no opening title, just a Batman emblem engulfed in blue fire, effin awesome. Second, it throws you right into the action, literally. Punctuated with a booming score the movie starts with the crack of a window, the bang of a shotgun, and the crash of a school bus, all within the first ten minutes! The writing is also fantastic. Each line of dialogue tell you so much about what is going on, yet just enough to not be overly narrative and not seem out of place within the context of the conversation. But the main reason I'm in love with this scene is because it tells you SO much about the world in which this movie is set, Gotham city. The city is violent as hell, nobody has any morals what-so-ever, and The Joker is one of the most deceptive, conniving, and most dangerous individuals ever to grace the silver screen. Again, all within the first ten minutes.

I love, love, LOVE this shot.

28 Weeks Later 28 weeks later was always a movie I felt was severely underrated. The movie is so uber violent, so chaotic, and so in your face, I instantly fell in love with it. Anyone who has watched the first ten minutes of the film knows exactly what I'm talking about. The movie starts with a gentle humm, a sort of calm before the storm. The characters talk about the 'infected' and how dangerous they are, a pretty good setup so far. Then suddenly a knock at the door, a child screaming "LET ME IN, LET ME IN!", the scene is getting better. The child tells the rest of the survivors that he was running for his life from his parents, that his parents were trying to kill him, NOW shit just got real. Then suddenly the 'infected' bust in and all hell breaks loose. The main character Don tries valiantly to fend off the 'infected', but he eventually gets overwhelmed. At that point you realize there is no hope for these people, and all you can think to yourself is "holy f*cking $hit!" If you haven't seen this movie yet, DO SO RIGHT NOW!

And the 'infection' begins again.

Jurassic Park "SHOOT HER!!!!!!!! SHOOT HER!!!!!!!!!!", how classic is that line? From a movie I consider to be one of the top five greatest of all time comes a fantastic opening scene. For the few who haven't seen this movie yet, it starts with a group of people on an island attempting to transport a giant storage container. What's in the container? A dinosaur obviously, but what kind? We don't know that quite yet, but we do know that it's awake, it's moving, and it is PISSED off! The transportation goes horribly wrong and one of the workers gets attacked. He tries his best to save himself by holding on to the sides of the container, but he is losing his grip. The rest of workers also try their best to help this poor sap by shooting traquilizers into the side of the container, but no luck. The worker shouts out a desperate "SHOOT HER!!!!!! SHOOT HER!!!!!!!", then a blood curdling scream. What does this scene tell us? If the workers at Jurassic Park were to ever lose control, people are going to die! A great prelude and a great foreshadowing to the rest of the film.

But enough about my opinions. What movies do you think have the greatest opening scenes, and most importantly, why? What is it about that particular scene that grabbed you attention. It doesn't have to be action packed, it just has to make me want to watch the rest of the film, even if the rest of the film is horrible.

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