Last night, I went to see Ghost Town with my brother Lenny.  It stars this British dude, Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni, and Greg Kinnear.  If you don't plan on reading the entire review, then the quick and the dirty of it is that you should see it, preferably on a date (I'd say 4th or 5th).  Definitely not a chick flick, but not a full-blown (AIDS) comedy either.  Probably around 65% comedy, 35% mushy.  If you do plan on reading the entire review, then you probably have more time on your hands than you care to admit. Ghost Town PosterThe jist of the movie is that Ricky Gervais is a crude, people-hating dentist, who goes in for a colonoscopy, and "something" happens.  After a little investigating, he finds out that he died for 7 minutes, and now he can see dead people.  A little hokey, but it's not like they are trying to hide it.  The dead people he can see all have some sort of unfinished business; or rather, their loved ones (as Ricky Gervais explains late in the film) have unfinished business that is keeping the ghosts around.

Greg Kinnear is the main dead person that bothers Ricky Gervais to help him.  What Greg Kinnear needs (or what he thinks he needs) is for his wife (Tea Leoni...technically, the ex-wife, since he's dead...duh) to not marry the dude she's going to marry.  To stop this marriage, Ricky Gervais starts courting her.  He does a pretty lousy job to start, but she starts warming up to him professionally, and then emotionally as she gets to know him.  All this time, Ricky Gervais has the other ghosts in Manhattan harassing him to help them as well.  But he's a fucking asshole, and constantly turns them down; some witty moments are exchanged from him "talking" to the ghosts, or looking at the one naked (male) ghost.

Tea Anyone?

A major turning point in the film is when the other dentist at Ricky Gervais's office tells him that one day he's going to wake up and be tired of being a fucking prick.  Ricky Gervais starts helping the other ghosts with their problems; he wins Tea Leoni over, and we're all happy and we have closure.  A small bit of necessary (and telegraphed, with the obvious green screen) drama near the end...not really a "twist" because if you can't guess the outcome, you are 12.  Ended on a high note, and you get to feel all warm and gooey inside (like apple pie).  Yay!

I liked this film.  It's worth your time to see it in a theater; as I mention above, it's a good 4th or 5th date movie.  Normally, I don't like British actors.  Not because I have anything against the British (besides all their women having big tits and NOT shoving them in my face), but because I have a tough time understanding them.  That being said, I really enjoyed Ricky Gervais.  His acting...he was the epitome of "fucking prick" and "quirky nerd" at just the right times.  Greg Kinnear was smeh, but he did deliver a few solid serious lines.  Tea Leoni is gorgeous and sexy as always.  Not really much was asked of her, acting-wise, but she certainly didn't take away from the film.

Gh-OOOOO-st Face

Ghost Town does get a little mushy at times.  Probably the last 20 minutes of the movie are dedicated to tying up loose ends, which is all mush-tactic.  I can't call it a chick flick, a romantic comedy, or just a regular comedy.  The best I can say is it was a mix of all three.  Gay men, straight women and most straight men will like it.  A few lines really got me rolling, and the dog they use makes for really great comic relief when the movie needed it most.  I had a good time watching Ghost Town - I hope you do too.

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