Nazis and zombies, two great tastes that have been haunting our dreams since 1939. Dead Snow has undead Nazi's terrorizing some Scandinavian medical students over a nice Easter Holiday, and it sucks. I'm really disappointed because I wanted to like this one. Nazi zombies what's next? Confederate Vampires?

It starts out like all good western horror movies, with some girl lost in the words being chased. You wonder, will this play a part in the overall scheme of things? Then you are dropped into a boring and drawn out formulaic set up of six friends out in the wilderness with no cell phone service. It's funny when movies make fun of their genre then fail to deliver on any real entertainment. After a less than terrifying warning from an old man, zombies enter the picture. I know...what a concept.

They debate whether or not to go back or to stay in the cover of the cabin, but really all they are doing is taking screen time away from zombies in SS uniforms. They discover that chick in the beginning is dead, and that they are staying in a house with the gold the Nazis want. Naturally they have a huge show down with these undead Aryans, much like in the style of Shawn of the Dead (that movie was a good zombie - this movie is not). And not to ruin anything, because let's face it - this is a foreign film, why would America care - but everyone dies.

You are going to need more than that to save this movie.

The preview for this film tricked me more than any summer blockbuster failure. It had everything going for it and I guess I'm old fashioned, but zombie films are supposed to be relatively scary. This had a ton of gore and blood, but no suspense. Everyone had their intestines out in this one for some reason. One dude runs into a tree and gets his small intestine caught on it. Can you even do that...?

The real problem with this film was that it was trying to be American. It was trying to out do our B horror films, starring reality show stars. Dead Snow is a great concept that never gets out of the snow-covered grave. Most of the movie is during the day and the only thing that makes the zombies "Nazis" is their uniforms. I am personally tired of video games, movies, TV shows, etc. poking fun at their genre then falling victim to those norms. If you want to make a spoof shoot for Spaceballs, don't settle for Dance Movie. If your are making a zombie movie, remember they are undead beings, with an insatiable hunger for human flesh, the work is done for you.

Dead Snow is making it's rounds in the independent theaters, so don't bother and wait until your friend buys it and watch it at their house.