So it's come to this point. After several years of trying to make other movies (Babylon A.D., Into the Blue, Chronicles of Riddick, Timeline) Mr. Vin Diesel and Mr. Paul Walker return to the franchise that made them household names among adolescent teens and immature men across the nation. The Fast & the Furious is back with a vengeance! Only this time it's not called The Fast and the Furious, just Fast & Furious. I've been trying to understand just what the hell this title is supposed to mean, but I give up. And really, it doesn't matter one bit. Set between 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Fast & The Furious, Fast & Furious is a revenge tale/cop film hybrid starring none other than the ape like Dominic Torreto (played by Vin Diesel) and the cop who acts like a 10-year-old Bryan O'Conner (played by Paul Walker). Dominic is on the revenge side while Bryan is obviously on the cop side of things. By coincidence Bryan and Dominic both have to infiltrate the same Mexican drug cartel to take down it's head honcho, Campos. Through a series of unfortunate events both, Bryan and Dominic end up on the run from the cops and the cartel, while at the same time trying to avenge Lettys (played by Michelle Rodriguez) death.

Do these people ever think it's time to grow up and stop all this racing crap?

That's right, Letty dies. I probably should have put a spoiler alert but honestly, who gives a damn? Does anybody really give a flying fuck about the story? It's not that it's a terrible story per se; it's definitely amusing enough to keep your interest, just nothing new. The best parts of the story are when they recall back to the old movie. There is a great moment when Dom and Bryan are in a quarter mile race and Bryan says "too soon Dom". To which Dominic replies "still a buster". It's just fun seeing these characters again, no matter what they are doing.

Now we get to the important parts of the movie, the racing. The race scenes are, to put it simply, meh. They're loud and entertaining but they really don't do anything new. And sometimes its really hard to see what is going on and who exactly is ever in the lead. But there is only one "race" scene in the entire film. Most of the driving is done during chase scenes and not race scenes. There is a fantastically cheesy, CGI filled, high jacking scene in the very beginning where Dominic and Letty high jack a gasoline truck. There is also a chase at the end of the movie through an intricate cave system that was again CGI filled and sort of reminded me of Banshee Boardwalk form Mario Kart 64. But still, it was very entertaining. But there is an EXTREMELY lame foot chase near the beginning which was seen in one of the movie trailers that I absolutely couldn't stand.

Overall, Fast & Furious is a pretty entertaining movie with some very entertaining action scenes. If you were a fan of the The Fast & The Furious then go see this, because it's more of a fan service than a full on sequel.

Score - 6/10