Living in your mother's basement isn't quite as stigmatized as it used to be, what with the whole shortage of high-paying jobs quandary. But Jeff (Jason Segel) seems to have an innate gift for the art of slackerdom (and, make no mistake, it is an art). Mark and Jay Duplass, better known as the Duplass brothers, have come a long way in terms of film budgets, yet they have still managed to maintain an emphasis on the importance of character, as evidenced by the rich tapestry of interconnectedness between Jeff, his brother, Pat (Ed Helms), Pat's wife, Linda (Judy Greer), and Jeff and Pat's mother, Sharon (Susan Sarandon).

Using their typical brand of humor, the Duplass brothers open the movie with Jeff giving an in-depth monologue about the profundity of M. Night Shyamalan's Signs and how it signifies that everything is designed to lead us to our destiny. The camera then zooms out to reveal Jeff sitting on the toilet. From there, we are taken on a tour of Jeff's typical day: Sitting in front of the TV and smoking weed. His schedule, however, is interrupted by a phone call from a belligerent man asking for Kevin. When Jeff says Kevin doesn't live there, the man tells him to really think about the name Kevin. This distracts Jeff from obeying the demand of his mother to go to the Home Depot and buy glue for the shutter that's fallen off the door to the closet.

Even though it is Sharon's birthday, neither of her sons is overly inclined to do her any favors. While riding the bus to Home Depot, Jeff is completely sidetracked from his errand by the sight of a teenager wearing a jersey that says "KEVIN" on the back of it. After playing an impromptu game of basketball with him and his friends, Jeff is lured by Kevin to a secluded area to smoke his beloved weed and then gets beaten up by Kevin's friends. So far, the universe doesn't really seem to be telling Jeff much of anything except that there's no such thing as free weed.

With no money to take the bus or go to Home Depot, Jeff finds himself wandering past a Hooters where his brother happens to be talking to their mother on his cell phone, imploring him to motivate Jeff to some sort of action. Pat immediately gets off the phone with Sharon and rushes over to Jeff. Surprised to see him, Jeff takes their reunion as some sort of sign--regardless of having to ride in Pat's ultra douchey Porsche (a purchase he made without consulting Linda).

As they drive through the streets of Baton Rouge listening to "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors, Pat tries to impress Jeff by speeding up to catch up with the traffic stopped in front of them, ultimately leading to the Porsche crashing into a tree. As Pat pleads with the homeowner to handle this matter under the table, both Pat and Jeff notice Linda getting into her car with another man at a gas station across the street. This moment is yet another in a series of events that Jeff has taken to mean something. And, in the end, it does: If you follow every random sign that gets thrown your way, you're bound to find purpose in something.