It's been almost 7 long years since Sam Raimi has made a movie other than Spider-man. But more importantly, it's been 9 long years since Sam Raimi has made a horror movie. I think after three Spider-man movies most people have forgotten that Sam Raimi made his name directing horror movies. After watching Drag Me to Hell I'm very glad to say Sam Raimi is still one of the kings of horror. And not only is he still just as good now as he was back in the day, I'd say he's ever better. Drag Me to Hell is one of the scariest, funniest, and campiest movies I've seen in a long time. It's classic Raimi and one of the funnest times you will have at the movies, EVER. The movie stars Christine Brown (played by Allson Lohman). Christine is a loan processor at a small bank. One day an old woman begs her for another extension on her house payments. Christine, trying to prove to her boss that she can make the tough decisions, coldly denies the old woman an extension. The old woman then places a curse on Christine which, in three days, will damn her to hell for eternity.

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In terms of plot, there isn't really much else here. Christine meets some other characters in her quest to break the curse, but they are all come and go and are mostly forgettable. Christine is definitely the star of the show and Allison Lohman plays her absolutely perfectly. She is funny, intense, scared, crazy, and strong. She is pretty much the female equivalent of Ash from the Evil Dead movies. Yea, she's that cool.

Drag Me to Hell is the movie equivalent to a roller coaster ride. The scares are built up very well and are extremely effective when executed. Sam Raimi is definitely an auteur when it comes to horror. He is able to make ANYTHING scary; a tea cup, a goat, a freakin hanker-chief for gods sake! Sam Raimi has this way of directing scenes to make it seem like you are in a funhouse. The way he illustrates his scenes is absolutely beautiful and poetic is some ways.

There are however several complaints I had. One being that 90% of the scares in this movie come from really loud noises. It makes the movie seem very cheap and if it wasn't for Raimi's directing style this would have came off as very annoying. Second, the CG is this is movie is fucking terrible and there is way too much of it. It's kind of distracting but lucky it doesn't detract from the enjoyment. Third, PG-13!!!!!! What the hell is this crap? Why are more and more horror and action movies being rated PG-13? This is a Sam Raimi horror film. I want severed limbs, buckets of blood, and cursing! Drag Me to Hell is still very good even with its PG-13 rating, but I think it could have been a lot better had it been rated R.

Overall, this is fantastic movie and one I think everybody should watch even if you don't like horror movies. The whole movie is a hilarious and screamingly good time.

Score - 9/10

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