Zombieland is a shit sandwich of fun and laughs. Go see it. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg, who in my opinion is the rich man's Michael Cera, and the versatile (not in the gay community sense) Woody Harrelson. I think Woody is underrated, to be honest...there is life after White Men Can't Jump. Plus a special treat for all the horny teenagers is quite a bit of screen time for Emma Stone; fret not, my fellow perverts - she is 20.

What more do you need beyond over-the-top humor, lots and lots of cool zombie deaths, and a cute leading lady? Shit, not much.

Zombieland Movie Poster

Zombieland takes place in a world where zombies have overtaken the population, with only a handful of living survivors. Of the survivors, we have:

  • Columbus (played by Eisenberg) is a young introvert whose lack of social skills is made up for with quick wit and intelligence
  • Tallahassee (played by Harrelson) is a bad ass cowboy whose love for killing zombies is only matched by his love for Twinkies
  • Wichita (played by Stone) is a young, sexy con artist who mainly can't be trusted, except if you're her younger sister
  • Little Rock (played by Abigail Breslin, who is slightly less annoying than her Little Miss Sunshine days) is a scared little girl who develops steady aim and seems unphased by killing loads of zombies

Zombieland Scene: Woody Harrelson Killing a Zombie & Jesse Eisenberg Cowering

At first, the four were fighting against each other, but they eventually united when the trust set in. The main driving force was a need for the necessities - food, shelter, sleep - and since wherever the group went, zombies were there, it meant for lots of cool zombie kills. Along the journey, the group stays at "the king's" house - Bill Murray. They really sucked Murray's dick pretty hard, with a ten minute scene that was full of praise of his film career. And deservedly so.

We'd all, in one way or another, suck Bill Murray's dick if the moment should arise.

I'm still waiting, Bill.

Zombieland Movie Image: The Group Deciding to Nut Up or Shut Up

Zombieland ended up being a lot more entertaining and funny than I was anticipating. In my mind, zombie movies are hit or miss, and this was definitely a hit. It was a nice change of pace for a zombie movie to take on a predominantly humorous undertone, as opposed to the shock factor, gore fests in years past. Eisenberg did the voice-over narrations, and you will notice that his delivery and timing are perfect with the scene he's describing.

There is some gore, but it's kept within reason, and none of the many (many) deaths were nasty to watch. Eisenberg's quirky, uncomfortable humor and Harrelson's tough guy shell were a nice match. A great movie for any occasion, so long as you're not looking to think too hard, and want to have some fun.