It's been awhile since we've had a great comedy, and we are god damn due. I'd like to extend a friendship leaf to the crew of Get Him to the Greek for putting an end to that wait. Jonah Hill, and Russell Brand work very well together, though Puff Daddy definitely stole the show. Are we calling him Puff Daddy now? I don't watch the news or read the Twitter (we read Twitter, right? Maybe "decode" is a better verb). Whatever we call him, he was fucking hilarious nearly every second we see or hear him.

Get Him to the Greek Movie Poster

In Get Him to the Greek, Sergio Roma (played by Puff Daddy) runs a record label, Pinnacle Records, and is looking for the next big idea to turn their poor sales numbers around. Aaron Green (played by Hill) is a dorky, awkward tie-wearing intern who suggests that the record company throw a huge concert as a 10-year anniversary to Aldous Snow's (played by Brand) last mega performance. As a result, Sergio gives Aaron the nod, and has him pick up Aldous from England, then bring him to the states to promote the concert and obviously perform. Naturally, Aldous has his major "rock star" quirks about him, which definitely helps in the hilarity. Along the way, Aaron has a temporary falling out with his girlfriend, and Aldous shows his insecurities about the woman of his dreams, Jackie Q (played by Rose Byrne), and his father, Jonathan Snow (played by Colm Meaney).

Jonah Hill & Russel Brand Running from Puff Daddy in Get Him to the Greek

The plot was plausible, and didn't deter from the story or the characters. Jonah Hill showed decisively that he isn't a younger, fatter Seth Rogan, and can be super funny without Michael Cera. Cheers to that alone. This was - start to finish - the best comedy of the year, gives The Hangover and I Love You, Man a serious run for their money, and had me rolling the entire time. We had the usual 15 minutes of mushy garbage at the end, but it wasn't in your face and still mixed in with some humor as well. Puff Daddy very much stole the show with his abrasive, quick wit, and PERFECT timing. But every character (sans the women, of course...just kidding...I like blowjobs...) had amazing lines with limited physical humor. I also like that I saw some titties, didn't have to see any dick, and only got about 4 seconds of Jonah Hill's disgusting ass.

I loved the subtle humor throughout the big joke sequences; it was a constant barrage of humor, and while you were rolling on the floor they also decided to tickle you with a soft, Arabian feather ("Arabian" was clearly only for effect - I'm not feather expert, and certainly not of the Arabian variety). The film was really clever, with genius editing and great cut-aways, and comes with only a handful of dull moments. When you stop laughing after a scene, just know that you probably missed 2-3 other jokes that you couldn't hear, which is fine 'cause you're a smart person and will go see it again (maybe this time around you'll be stoned or drunk? Just putting it out there). Shit, even the songs Brand performed were hilarious.

Russell Brand as Aldous Snow in Get Him to the Greek

Clearly designed for young adults, I could still see my dad having a kick out of it too. Really, if you don't have a good time with Get Him to the Greek, then you are a grade A asshole (or maybe your grandma just died, and it was simply too soon. Pro-tip: Always allow for adequate bereavement).