Fanboys was delayed because George Lucas wanted to take a look at it before releasing it to the public. I don't know if he added his crappy filmmaking talents to it or not, regardless the film sucked more than putting Hayden Christiansen in at the end of Return of The Jedi special edition.

There in a trash compacter just like in the movie LOL

Kristen Bell is in a slave Leia costume at the end, so fanboys rejoice, because the rest is not sunshine and rainbows. I'm a huge Star Wars nerd like the four friends in this film. There a ton of references to the films in dialogue and actions. But these little jokes only go so far in carrying this disaster.

A couple of friends reunite in late 1998 and talk about the half brained idea of breaking into Skywalker Ranch and stealing the rough cut of Phantom Menace; if they only knew how stupid that was going to be. The plan is immediately put into action because Linus (Chris Marquette) is dying of cancer and won't make it to the release date in May. Yes I remember when it came out.

They set off on a whirl wind tour of all things geek in this country. Naturally there are cameos by Star Wars and Star Trek alums. Then the friends break in and manage to get all the way to the scrolling text before they are stopped by security. This is probably where Lucas stepped in because then he graciously lets the dying boy watch the film. The film ends with all the friends, minus Linus, watching the film in the theater and one jokingly says, "What if it sucks." That statement sums up the entire experience watching the Star Wars prequels as well as this film making fun of it.

There are you happy fanboys? Now back to your moms' garages!

OK, so there are millions of fan-made movies and spoofs dedicated to the wonder and magic of Lucas' work. This one tries to be all of that by capturing the purity only found in geekdom these days - loyalty. These kids just want to experience the best moment in their lives together before they have to move on with adulthood. I love that concept but it wasn't executed at all in the film.

What you get with Fanboys is a quick attempt at a road comedy with Star Wars as the only thing holding it together. In theory, this works, but I think all the blame should fall on the director and writers. They had a literal goldmine of material that Family Guy, Mel Brooks, and Robot Chicken parodied successfully and they blew it. The film felt way too short and the relationships between the characters seemed kind of pointless. I'm not sure how much was changed since Lucas got his hands on it, if any, but Kevin Smith could have done a way better job. (Fun Fact: Smith and Jay are in the movie.)

Don't see this unless you are a fanboy and even then rent it. You shouldn't give money to these people.