I first met Bryson Turner in college in Ohio. Bryson was the first person I knew personally that I ever saw do a standup routine. I thought it was funny then, in the coffee shop in our small town. I am proud to say that he has since moved to NYC and this is his first comedy special. As I hoped, he is still a funny man, but I think w ehave both grown in our comedy preferneces. Starting off the show with some technical difficulties actually brought out the impromptu funny from the start. He described it as the "Most Bryson-like start to any show ever" When he got down to the more planned start to the show though he gave us what I like best in comedy: The truth. The dark comedy that comes from this special is the kind that makes you think about your own surroundings and the legacy and last words you may speak. I think we all hope that our last word will not be, "Really?!" but the truth is it could be, so enjoy now!


In the end, the special was completely honest and entirely relatable. Coming from a comedian that is not coming off as intimidating but more like the guy that you chill with at the bar after the show. With people like Patrice O'Neal that have made an impact on Bryson in his personal life, the comedy of the past greats shows through.

The regular guy's conversation about forgiveness, relationships, religion, politics, death and our own legacies brings comedy out in some of the darker and more real parts of life. The special, in NYC, is very true of living in a big and creative city. The ambition and the frustration it takes to live in a city like New York, much like LA connected with me personally and I think would with most of you out there in the BTH universe.

If you need a comedy special to enjoy, I recommend this one! We'll be keeping an eye on Bryson and if there is a comedy tour in the future, we'll let you know so you don't miss out on the live experience. I have high hopes for his comedic future.

Side note: I have to be honest! I never thought of Neil Armstrong that way! That poor man...

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"'Seriously guys?!' and then I'm dead, we're gone" Cheers, everyone! ~Ohio