In Sacha Baron Cohen's latest Ali G spin off, we get to know the Austrian fashionista Bruno. Clocking in at three minutes shorter then his last outing as Borat, Cohen takes you on a ride to stardom paved with dildos. Get ready to see that ass one more time

Bruno is on top of the world in Europe until a fashion mishap destroys a runway show getting him black listed. His next logical thought is to go to LA and become famous. The only person that will go with him is his assistant's assistant. The two land in LA and try to get a television show. They first put celebrities in awkward situations like the classic Ali G sketches: he unleashes his show on an unknowing focus group, where one member calls his pelvic thrusting-filled show, "worse than cancer."

So Bruno tries all sorts of things to become famous that you wouldn't normally think of, like getting kidnapped. He adopts a black child and dupes some parents into doing an offensive photo shoot, while taking some unsuspecting talk show audience members for a ride. Then his son is taken away from him and he goes on a crusade to become straight. My favorite part of the film is "Straight Dave's Man Slamming". You just have to see it to believe it.  Eventually, Bruno finds his true love and gets his son back and everything is all right in the world.

His shirt says Gayby if you were wondering

There is way more nudity in this one then in Borat. I didn't find the film to be gay bashing at all, like I thought would happen. Cohen is in rare form in his last film like this, because his face is too recognizable now. I feel like the only two short comings are its short run time, and the fact that Borat came out first. This one has a lot more shocking twists and turns, but I feel they were necessary to keep the audience's interest. I'm also skeptical about how much was staged this time around to produce the big laughs. But that's really in-depth film analysis meant for the classroom.

I don't necessarily know if this is better than Borat, because Borat came first. I do recommend immediately going and seeing this film because everyone will quote it like Borat; you need to see it before your jerk friends ruin it for you. Bruno has more of a story line than Borat, but luckily, Bruno echoes the same theme as Borat pioneered all those years ago. Americans are awful people when we think that no one is watching. You will laugh and cringe but most of the time you will be saying, "oh my god".

Stop reading this and go see it now in your local theater. I didn't ruin anything so run. Go!