Cannibal The Musical is Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's first film from way back when they were college boys. It started with a trailer then enough people convinced them that making this a real movie was a great idea. I'm glad they did. I noticed that it is on Netflix finally.

Back before Parker and Stone lost to Phil Collins at the Oscars, they were lost in the wild west

Our story begins like all musicals, in the woods as a cannibal rips his party apart limb from limb. Alfred Packer (Parker) is wrongfully accused of committing those crimes. He tells a court reporter, Polly Pry (Todd Walters), how he got into this predicament.

Packer leads a party of miners across the Colorado Territory to Brekenridge. Along the way Packer looses his best friend and horse to a bunch of trappers. Packer diverts the party south to follow the trappers and win back his horse. They face river crossings, bear traps, lack of supplies, and even a cyclops. All the good stuff from Oregon Trail but with songs. Soon frost bite sets in and the party gets really lost. Packer goes looking for help and when he returns all but one of his party is dead. After an amusing fight with his crazed murderous comrade, Packer makes his way to the nearby town. The sheriff heads out looking for Packer's missing party and they find the mangled bodies. I won't ruin the ending but it has a big finish like all musicals.

This is probably the only film that really displays the amazing talent that Trey Parker has at writing music of any style for any situation. You will watch this film over and over again just for the songs. They are really damn catchy like real musicals. The instrumentals sound kind of like they came out of a video game made in 1991. It is weird at first but after a while it really fits in with the whole idea of the movie. The sound in the film is an issue at some points. I blame it on the ultra low budget but it can be distracting when it gets really echoy.

Now that's a DVD cover.

The comedic acting is pretty good for the budget. You really can see where Stone and Parker got a lot of their ideas for their later projects. Matt Stone's hat and crazy red hair can be directly linked to Kyle's hair and hat on South Park. Also the main theme of the film is played at the end of every South Park episode. The little tone played along with the Braniff airplane is the song "The Sky is Blue". It's really interesting to see the roots of these two comedy giants. The main thing that you think when the film is done is, "why don't these guys make films more often?" I wish they did they certainly have the talent to make musicals until they die.

South Park fans, Team America fans, Basketball fans, Orgasmo fans, and musical fans will enjoy this movie more than they should. I mean, it is a student film.