Amy Heckerling's Clueless is one of the most iconic and beloved teen genre movies of the 90s (and in general). When the film came out in 1995, it was the very picture of modernity and cultural relevancy. Looking back on certain parts of it now, however, it's easy to pick out the most obsolete items and pop culture references from a movie that was once "loqued out" with up-to-the-momentness. Lingo.

26) Loqued out: It's like saying phat.

Noxema: Once embodying an instantly recognizable pastiche

25) Noxema: Once the "it" product in skin care, you would be hard-pressed to find very many women using Noxema today.

Creating the illusion of romance through Cliff's Notes

24) Cliff's Notes: Does anyone really still use Cliff's Notes to find out anything?

Most people are too apathetic for the political statement tee nowadays.

23) Proudly sporting an Amnesty International t-shirt: Political statement tees like the one Josh (Paul Rudd) wears don't quite make it into most people's fashionable rotation.


22) Kenny G.: Back in '95, Kenny G. was the barometer for lameness. Now, knowing who he is at all makes you the lame one.

Retro programming.

21) Beavis and Butthead: It isn't just the fact that Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is watching Beavis and Butthead, but also that she's watching it on a TV that looks like this.

Cell phone prototype

20) Giant cell phones: Sure, to even have a cell phone in 1995 connoted richness, but looking at the size of it now makes the affluent seem absurd.

A Cranberries CD

19) Cranberries CDs: Both The Cranberries and a CD format are terms that might be foreign to many people of today.

The W

18) The "Whatever" gesture: Forming your hands into the shape of a "W" would sooner mean "wanker" post-twentieth century.

Nose adornment

17) Scratching your overt nose job with a flip phone: This would never happen in modern day L.A.


16) This computer: Paired with these hanger graphics.


15) Sagging pants: You might be mistaken for a mentally challenged person if you sagged your pants today.

Faux fur.

14) Faux fur fashion statements: Quintessentially 90s.

Exciting prospect.

13) Marky Mark: Currently Mark Wahlberg.

Beepers? Que-ce que c'est?

12) Pagers: Paging someone is the equivalent of sending a telegram.

11) Mentioning Kmart: Once a beacon of go-to affordability, you could go to Kmart for everything, including hair extensions. But that was then and now is Amazon.

Workout tapes are relics of the exercise world.

10) Buns of Steel on VHS: Once the successor to the popularity of the Jane Fonda workout tape, Buns of Steel is nary found anywhere except the VHS bin at Goodwill.

Shoes from Planet Past

9) Purple clogs: Reserved for old women, nurses and women in Portland.


8) Self-help books: Particularly Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.


7) Alaia: Not nearly so prestigious anymore.

Not something to gush about of late.

6) Christian Slater: A heartthrob of ever-waning interest.


5) Jason Priestly: A heartthrob of even more ever-waning interest.

Ren's catchphrase

4) Ren and Stimpy: The most fucked-up cartoon ever made for Nickelodeon.


3) A cassette tape: But, more importantly, one that features "Rollin' With the Homies."

Tower Records: RIP

2) Tower Records: You best believe ain't no one plannin' to go there anymore.

A car accident waiting to happen.

1) Tangible driving maps: How did we ever drive anywhere?