Okay, so we all know you can sue anyone for just about anything in the world of legalese, but lately, it seems like movies have been bearing a severe brunt of that burden. On the heels of Twentieth Century Fox being sued by some fucktard interns who worked on Black Swan for not being paid (reconcile that the film industry only employs people to work for free or, in exchange for sexual favors, they will give you a credit as a best boy), some clearly deranged ho named Sarah Deming of bumfuck, Michigan has decided to take legal action against the distributors of Drive and the movie theater she saw the film in for falsely advertising what the plot was about.

Now, I understand being upset over thinking a movie is going to be about one thing and then discovering in the theater that it's the last purchase you ever would have made, but we all have to move on eventually and perhaps use our zeal for other, more worthy causes--like making sure Starbucks never opens a chain on Italian soil. But Deming feels personally affronted that Drive was not "very similar to the Fast and Furious series of movies.” And wait, it gets more ridiculous.

Deming has added a further accusation to her lawsuit, insisting that Drive exhibits “extreme gratuitous defamatory dehumanizing racism directed against members of the Jewish faith, and thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith.” Listen, if anyone was portrayed negatively in Drive, it was the pseudo-Italians (as usual). And if we can take it, so can you Sarah Deming.

If you want to know the truth, Deming is desperate to get Ryan Gosling to fellate her as recompense for the "trauma" she had to endure in watching his flawless carapace strut/drive the streets of L.A. knowing full well she could never have him. This is as close to him as she will ever get, the only form of sweet vindication she will ever know against the Rachel McAdamses and Eva Mendeses of the world. Enjoy it while you can darlin'.